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Essentica Ltd. is an Irish company which has formed for the purpose of growing essential oils and energy crops in the Philippines.

The company will initially be focussing on catmint oil. We have begun to grow catmint, which will be distilled and hydrogenated to create Refined Catmint Oil™ using technology to be licensed from a major US chemical company. The refined catmint oil can be used as a highly effective insect repellent.

Refined Catmint Oil™

Catmint oil is a new, safe and effective insect repellent which has been created and patented as an alternative to DEET and other synthetics. The product has been approved by the EPA as safe for use.

Energy Crops and Pellets

The catmint oil only accounts for a small percentage of the biomass harvested. We will be converting the biomass waste into energy pellets and will be growing energy crops in conjunction with the catmint biomass in order to maximise utilisation of our pelleting facility.


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