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About Essentica

Essentica Ltd. is an Irish company with a branch office in the Philippines. It was formed for the purpose of growing essential oils and energy crops in the Philippines.

Essentica consists of a core team of six highly experienced professionals. Half are based in the Philippines and half are based in Ireland. Their experience covers:

·         The establishment of agricultural operations in Asia

·         The construction of chemical plants in Asia

·         Deep knowledge of the agricultural, chemical and renewable energy sectors


Essentica plans on utilising the team’s skills to establish a number of interlinked projects which marry agriculture and chemical operations.

1.   Catmint Oil

The team will initially focus on the production of catmint oil, distilling it and hydrogenating it to create Refined Catmint Oil™. This oil will be sold to a major US-based producer of insect repellant.

2.   Energy Pellets

Catmint oil accounts for only a small percentage of the total catmint material which will be harvested. Following the extraction of the oil, we will be left with a substantial quantity of waste biomass. We will convert this waste biomass material into energy pellets. We will also feed in other waste biomass materials from the locality where possible.

3.   Production of Other Essential Oils

In order to extract the catmint oil from the catmint, we will build a distillation plant. We will encourage local farmers to produce, and will ourselves produce as appropriate, a number of other essential oils which can be distilled within our facility.

4.   Energy Crops

We are exploring the possibility of growing a number of local, fast-growing bioenergy feedstocks which will help maximise the throughput through our pelleting facility. These pellets will most likely be sold into the European market.



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