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June 2010: Essentica signs an agreement with the world’s leading supplier of catmint seeds, with a view to trialling and developing high-yield seeds.

May 2010: Essentica completes a significant fundraise with a Taiwanese investor.

April 2010: The Essentica management team is strengthened by the joining of Jess Tagara, a Filipino citizen. A qualified agronomist, Jess has over twenty years farming and forestry experience. He is a former plantation manager of a Jatropha oil plantation in the Philippines.

March 2010: The Essentica management team is strengthened by the joining of Alan Atkins, a senior project manager. Alan previously established and ran a Jatropha plantation in the Philippines. With some 40 years experience and a background in engineering, his experience includes having worked as a project manager on the Sydney Opera house. Alan is a UK citizen and lives in the Philippines.

February 2010: Essentica achieve a world first by signing a term sheet for the licensing of a suite of patents from DuPont, covering the distillation and hydrogenation of catmint into Refined Catmint Oil.

January 2010: Essentica Ltd. is registered as an Irish limited company.


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